Business writing essentials training course

Objective: By the end of this course, participants will have developed the essential knowledge and basic ability needed to communicate effectively; draft professional emails, letters, and memos with confidence and clarity, contributing to their overall success in the workplace.

Duration: 7 Hours

1. introduction to business writing

a. Business correspondence overview

b. Importance of effective communication

c. Types of business correspondence: emails, letters, memos

d. Activity: Key components of a business correspondence

Duration: 1 Hour

5. responding to business correspondence

a. Prompt and professional responses

b. Inquiries and requests

c. Resolving issues and complaints

d. Activity: Acknowledging feedback; maintaining relationships


Duration: 1 Hour

2. email etiquette

a. Email basics

b. Crafting professional subject lines

c. Structuring emails for clarity and impact

d. Activity: Using appropriate tone and language in emails

Duration: 1 Hour

6. handling sensitive situations

a. Delivering bad news professionally

b. Managing conflicts through written communication

c. Maintaining professionalism and empathy

d. Activity: Writing difficult emails and letters

                                            Duration: 1 Hour

3. effective business letters

a. Format and structure of business letters

b. Types of business letter; inquiry, complaint, request, etc.

c. Addressing the receipt professionally

d. Writing clear and concise content

e. Activity: Polishing and proofreading

                                                                                                        Duration: 1 Hour

7. recap

a. Review of key concepts

b. Common mistake in business correspondence

c. Q&A session and individual feedback

d. Resources for further learning and improvement

e. Activity: Case studies and interactive writing exercise            

Duration: 1 Hour

4. Memo writing

a. Memos and their purpose

b. Formatting guidelines for memos

c. Writing informative and action-oriented memos

d. Activity: Using bullet points and headings effectively

Duration: 1 Hour

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