stress management essentials training courSE

Objective: By the end of this course, participants will have developed the essential knowledge and basic ability needed to create and develop personalized strategies for effective managing stress in their lives.

Duration: 7 Hours

1. Understanding streSS

a. Introduction to stress

b. Types of stressors: physical, emotional, environmental

c. The fight-or-flight response

d. Activity: Spotting signs and symptoms of stress for oneself and others

Duration: 1 Hour

5. stress management technique 2: creative outlets

a. Role of social support networks in buffering against stress

b. Effective communication for expressing needs and resolving conflicts

c. Activity: Setting boundaries and assertiveness training for managing interpersonal stressors


Duration: 1 Hour

2. effects of stress on the body

a. Effects on different systems: nervous, cardiovascular, immune

b. Chronic stress and various health conditions

c. Demonstration: physiological effects of stress

d. Activity: Monitoring and managing physical symptoms of stress

Duration: 1 Hour

6. lifestyle and stress

a. Impact of diet, sleep, and hydration

b. Healthy eating habits for stress reduction and improved mood

c. Sleep hygiene practices for better quality sleep and enhanced resilience

d. Activity: Balancing work, leisure, and self-care activities

Duration: 1 Hour

3. Cognitive and emotional impact of stress

a. Cognitive and emotional responses to stress: anxiety. depression, irritability

b. Cognitive distortions exacerbating stress

c. Resilient mindset and positive coping mechanisms

d. Activity: Mindfulness Techniques

Duration: 1 Hour

7. Personalized stress management plan

a. Assessing individual stressors and triggers

b. Goal Setting for stress management and resilience building

c. Action planning for implementing stress management strategies in daily life

d. Activity: Creating a comprehensive stress management toolkit

Duration: 1 Hour

4. stress management technique 1: relaxation

a. Meditation and mindfulness practices

b. Time management; reducing stress and increase productivity

c. Activity: Incorporating movement and exercise routines

Duration: 1 Hour

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